This project aims to provide access to films that are about or relevant to anarchists. We encourage people to watch with others, and to share in conversation about the ideas presented.
The movie will be uploaded on the morning of the second Friday of every month, and screenings take place at 23:00 EST.
If you wish to hang take part in the screening, hop in the chat a little before the screening, and consider downloading the movie if you have bandwidth limitations.
The movie will be replaced when the next screening happens so watch while you can.
Please reach out if you have film recommendations, reviews, or requests for alternate screenings.
If you are a looking for somewhere to claim copyright, you can fuck off.

For any questions the usher can be contacted at usher [at] theanarchistcinema [d0t] org.
We have a forum at https://raddle.me/f/TheAnarchistCinema where discussion can happen.